Herbal Recipes

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There’s a lot of information on this site. You could spend hours reading about herbs or reading about holistic health practices for chronic diseases. 

And while I hope that the thorough information I provide on this site helps you to explore the art of herbalism, I know that the best way to learn is by doing something yourself. 

Recipes are a fun way to actively learn about herbs and herbalism. So please, get off the computer and into your kitchen. Create these recipes, make your own variations and enjoy the process of getting to know medicinal plants. 

Herbal Beverages

Astragalus and Reishi Chai Tea Recipe

Sue Kusch's Chai Tea Recipe

Best Earl Grey Tea Recipe

Restore the Lungs Tea Recipe

Iron-Building Tonic Syrup

Mandarin Shrub Recipe

Foraged Tea for the Heart

Fire Cider

Hibiscus Tea Recipe

Hawthorn Syrup

Violet Vinegar Recipe

Rose Petal Shrub

Vinegar Digestive Bitters

Lemon Balm Tea

Autumn Berry Shrub

Benefits of Dandelion Tea

Herbal Body Care Recipes

Calendula Body Butter Recipe

Healing Marshmallow Lip Balm

Herbal Healing Cream

Post-partum Care Recipes

Sweet Recipes

Chokecherry Jelly Recipe

Moringa Crêpe Recipe

Amaranth Pancakes

Nettle Cake Recipe

Elderberries Rosehips Syrup

Seaweed Recipes: Cookies

Violet Ice Cream Recipe

Elecampane Cough Syrup

Homemade Mango Ice Cream

Violet Syrup Recipe

Savory Recipes

Alaska Salmon Recipes

Dandelion as Food

Chickweed Pesto Recipe

Rosemary Bannock Recipe

Herbed Feta Recipe

Stinging Nettles Sauté

Grilling Salmon

Turkey Tail Concentrate

Turmeric Paste

Amaranth Recipes

Herbal Alcohol Beverages

Herbal Bitters Recipe

Echinacea Extract

St. John's Wort and Cherry Mead Recipe

Root Beer Bitters Recipe

Wild Rose Petal Mead

Violet Cocktail Recipe

Herbal Crafts