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The links below will take you to the latest articles on the site and also include news items related to herbal remedies, medicinal plants, and natural health in general.

May 17, 2022

What is Oregano Good For

What is oregano good for? Find out in this new episode!

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May 10, 2022

Weeds You Can Eat

When it comes to weeds you can eat, there’s a whole feast of spring greens waiting just outside your door! Join me in this new episode to find out more!

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May 05, 2022

Plantain Herb with Rosalee de la Foret

Listen to this episode and come away with an overview of the plantain herb, tips for identification and lots of ideas for working with it safely and effectively

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Apr 25, 2022

Lavender with Kami McBride

Listen in as Kami McBride and I look at the many ways to work with lavender in the kitchen and in the bath!

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Apr 19, 2022

Chickweed benefits with Rosalee de la Foret

Chickweed (Stellaria media) is an easy plant to welcome into your life, but make sure you’re making the most of it by listening to this new episode!.

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Apr 12, 2022

Rhodiola Benefits with Ben LeVine

Join me as I talk about Rhodiola benefits and sustainable sourcing of herbs with Co-Founder and Chief Herbalist of Rasa, Ben Levine

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Mar 29, 2022

Herbs for dogs and cats

Are you concerned about safe herbs for dogs and cats? If so don't miss this informative interview with animal herbalist and naturopath Swanie Simon!

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Mar 22, 2022

Purple Dead Nettle with Colleen Codekas

Join me as I talk with Colleen Codekas about purple dead nettle and receive access to her recipe for an infused honey to get relief from seasonal allergies!

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Mar 16, 2022

Motherwort Benefits with Maria Noël Groves

Please join Maria Noël Groves and I to hear about motherwort benefits. You’ll also receive Maria’s motherwort tincture recipe!

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Mar 08, 2022

Rosemary with Erika Galentin

In this episode, Clinical Herbalist Erika Galentin focuses on the warming and comforting qualities of rosemary for the emotional heart

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