Herbs heal as medicine, as food, and through your connection to nature.

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Rosalee’s innate respect for plant-life, and the planet, and her understanding of our disconnectedness with the natural world is, frankly, revitalizing.

Janie Howie

I absolutely love Rosalee’s teaching style and ability to make herbalism less intimidating and overwhelming.

Karen Ravensbergen

Rosalee is a natural at sharing her love of the plants and her knowledge and experience of working with them from a more holistic perspective.

Dorothea K

Hi, I’m Rosalee de la Forêt.

An herbalist, teacher, and author who’s passionate about helping you to connect with healing herbs as food, as medicine, and by deepening your connection to nature.

Almost two decades ago I was diagnosed with a terminal autoimmune disease. At first I thought my life was over, but then I turned to herbalism and was healed in more ways than I could have imagined.

Now I’m here to help you!

My two bestselling herbal books are powerful resources
that can inspire you to invite herbs into your everyday life.

Alchemy of Herbs helps you discover what herbs work best for you and shows you how to work with them as healing foods and medicines.

Wild Remedies helps you strengthen your connection to nature while foraging and growing abundant herbal medicines.

Rosalee is a generous and inspirational teacher who encourages others to understand and use herbs in ways they may not have considered.

Carol H

I love Rosalee’s weekly newsletter. It always has a wealth of knowledge in it. Always well written and Rosalee is super great with all her extra great knowledge she possesses. 


Rosalee's joy and love of the natural world and all of it's benefits for health shine through in her teachings and give me hope that there is more I can do to improve my health after years of disappointment in other modalities. 


Herbs are powerful healers

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