Resources for Herbalists

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On this page you'll find an index to the articles and resources I’ve created that will be of specific interest to herbalists. 

The articles section includes posts about tangential aspects of herbalism that aren’t directly related to herbs. It ranges from how to choose an herbal school to how to understand herbal measurements. 

In the herbalists and book reviews section I’ve included articles I’ve written about herbalists, plus book reviews. I hope to expand this section in time. 

The herbal blog roll is an index that I maintain that lists herbal blogs written by grassroots herbalists. We are so lucky to have so many herbal writers at our fingertips! 

The herbal bookshelf is my response to people who ask me what my favorite herbal books are. This not-so-short list is broken down into sections so that you can see a wide range of herbals. 


Herbalists and Book Reviews

Herbal Blog Roll

An attempt to compile a complete list of all herbal blogs.

Herbal Bookshelf

Click here for the best herbal medicine books according to me. This is not an exhaustive list of herb books available today. Instead, I have hand-chosen my absolute favorite herbal books, the ones I most reach for on my bookshelf.

Herbal Farmers and Wildcrafters

My intention with this list is to provide herbalists an easy way to find their own local farmers and wildcrafters. While it certainly doesn’t contain every farm out there, we did our best to make it a comprehensive by-state list of small herb farms and ethical wildcrafters. This specifically means people who are offering fresh and/or dried plant material and, in some instances, fresh whole plants. 

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