Episode 134:
Creative Ways to Work with Tulsi for Burnout with Rebecca Altman

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Tulsi for resilience

Episode Summary

In this episode, my bestie, Rebecca Altman, and I dive deeper into one of our favorite herbs for resilience, tulsi (also known as holy basil). While we do talk about what tulsi can do for you, this episode is much more than a simple list of tulsi health benefits!

Instead, we’re showing you how much fun you can have, creatively welcoming tulsi into your life. We share some delectable tulsi recipes and ideas with you. And we share our approach to Building Resilience, which includes not only forming relationships with herbs like tulsi, but also transforming your relationship to stress.

►►► Our four-month online course dives even deeper into these concepts and is perfect for you if you’re tired of feeling chronic stress and daily overwhelm, and you’re ready to live a life with more ease and spaciousness. But hurry! Enrollment for 2024 ends April 10th.

Join us for Building Resilience here.

By the end of this episode, you’ll know:

► The key to making new habits stick

► Why the nutraceutical approach is so limited (and what really does work)

► Ten easy and delicious ways to incorporate tulsi (holy basil) into your everyday life

► Five health and wellness benefits of tulsi (including what makes it such a unique adaptogen) 

► A new roadmap for having more capacity and feeling more effortlessness and ease in your life

► and so much more…

For those of you who don’t already know Rebecca, she loves connecting people: to the earth, to plants, to each other, and to themselves. The underlying purpose behind all of her work is to help people remember the feeling of living in alignment with who they truly are, and the larger flow of the universe. She has an online school, called Wonder Botanica, where she teaches people how to connect to the earth, the heart path, and the universe; and works with clients individually to connect them to their own inner guidance.

Rebecca lives in the mountains of Southern California, with her dog, and about a million oak trees. Despite so many reasons not to be, she remains steadfastly hopeful about human beings and this incredible planet.

I’m so excited to share our conversation with you today!

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What You'll Learn from This Episode

  • [01:09] Introduction
  • [03:14] Making herbs a normal part of daily life
  • [06:58] How to reduce overwhelm
  • [09:10] The problem with the nutraceutical approach
  • [11:21] Forming relationships with plants
  • [13:30] Why a compound strategy works best
  • [15:04] Introduction to tulsi
  • [16:06] Why would you want to work with tulsi?
  • [23:17] Our creative tulsi recipe brainstorm
  • [33:13] Tulsi Shrub recipe
  • [38:14] How to build resilience
  • [47:43] Herbal tidbit


Tulsi Shrub Recipe

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  • 01:08 - Introduction
  • 03:15 - Making herbs a normal part of daily life
  • 07:15 - How to reduce overwhelm
  • 09:34 - The problem with the nutraceutical approach
  • 11:52 - Forming relationships with plants
  • 14:09 - Why a compound strategy works best
  • 15:51 - Introduction to tulsi
  • 16:59 - Why would you want to work with tulsi?
  • 24:32 - Our creative tulsi recipe brainstorm
  • 35:02 - Tulsi Shrub recipe
  • 40:25 - How to build resilience
  • 49:57 - Herbal tidbit

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