Episode 130:
Andrographis paniculata with Richo Cech

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Andrographis with Richo Cech

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Episode Summary

It was so much fun to have Richo Cech on the show to talk about the benefits of Andrographis, also known as the “king of bitters.” Besides all things Andrographis, Richo also covers some gardening advice and even life philosophies. We also hear why Richo loves chilis so much and what he includes in his herbal medicine kit.

As a listener, you also have access to Richo’s recipe for Andrographis tincture (and you’ll hear why this is one of the herbal medicines Richo reached for when he came down with COVID). There’s a free, downloadable and printable recipe card available just for you, which you can find in the section below.

By the end of this episode, you’ll know:

► The experience that introduced Richo to the healing power of herbs

► Why Richo recommends Andrographis in tincture form

► Richo’s favorite herbs to cook with

► Why observing nature is the foundation to gardening

► Why growing just a few plants can be more productive than growing many

► The three herbs Richo includes in his antiseptic tincture

► and so much more…

For those of you who don’t already know him, Richard A. (Richo) Cech has dedicated his life to finding, growing and disseminating seeds of medicinal plants, shrubs, vines, trees, and open-pollinated vegetables.  He has botanized throughout the US, Canada, South America, Europe, China and Africa in search of native plants and has introduced many unique medicinal herb species to the US.  His work may be enjoyed by reading any of his books and by visiting his website at www.strictlymedicinalseeds.com

This was my first time meeting Richo, but I’ve been benefiting from his herbal presence for decades from his books, seeds, and plant starts. I grow so many different herbal plants thanks to his company, Strictly Medicinal Seeds, so it was a special delight to finally connect with him in person!

I’m thrilled to share our conversation with you today!

What You'll Learn from This Episode

  • [01:10] Introduction to Richo Cech
  • [02:45] From archeology to herbalism
  • [09:59] What his years as Production Manager at Herb Pharm taught Richo
  • [17:03] The gifts of Andrographis
  • [22:07] Andrographis tincture
  • [25:25] Herbs work!
  • [26:52] How Richo works with Andrographis tincture
  • [28:01] Appreciate all the tastes
  • [33:36] Growing your own plant medicine
  • [39:18] The first step to a thriving garden
  • [48:41] The argument for growing everything
  • [54:58] A shout out to Super Orange Blossom calendula
  • [57:05] Richo’s herbal first aid kit
  • [1:05:13] Herbal tidbit

Get Your Free Recipe!

This simple tincture is a great digestive bitter.



  1. Grind the dried herb and place in a canning jar.
  2. Mix the menstruum (mixture of organic grain alcohol and distilled water).
  3. Add the menstruum over the dried herb. Cap the jar and label.
  4. Shake daily for 2 weeks to macerate.
  5. Strain or press the tincture (squeeze the herbs to extract as much of the liquid as possible). 
  6. Allow to settle overnight, then strain through a coffee filter. Bottle and label.


Andrographis tincture recipe

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