Season 10 Episode 5:
Burdock with Margi Flint

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Burdock with Margi Flint

Episode Summary

Burdock root (Arctium lappa, A. minus) is well known for its ability to support the liver and work as an overall alterative herb. And it’s a beloved herb for herbalists. But nobody said medicine couldn’t be delicious… and I know you’re going to love the delectable recipe for burdock shared by today’s guest, Margi Flint!

I connected with Margi many years ago at an International Herb Symposium in Massachusetts and I’ve wanted to have her on the show for a while now. I think you’ll agree that the wait was worth it! This episode is sprinkled with herbal gems for you to enjoy. By the end, you’ll know:

► The important role of listening on your herbal path

► What type of herb Margi always recommended to her clients – and why

► The breakfast blend Margi often brews (it sounds yummy!)

► A tip that will lead to easier harvests of burdock root

► How reading the body made Margi more effective as an herbal practitioner (and how you can learn to read the body yourself)

► Margi’s memories of being mentored by one of the most influential herbal teachers of the 20th century

For those of you who don’t already know Margi Flint, RH HM, she owns and operates Earthsong Herbals in Marblehead, MA.  Her filters of wisdom include over twenty years of labor coaching, certification in Polarity Therapy and Reiki, and forty-plus years of herbal practice. She is on staff at Pacific Rim College in British Columbia. She has been caught lecturing at numerous amazing herb schools, Bastyr University, Tufts Medical School, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. She is author of The Practicing Herbalist IV. The plants and her clients are her revered teachers.

She is retired from active practice, focusing now on teaching and learning how to play.

I’m delighted to share our conversation with you today!

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Connect With Margi

What You'll Learn from This Episode

  • [01:10] Introduction to Margi Flint
  • [02:54] How Margi found her herbal path
  • [07:39] The art (and importance of) listening
  • [09:40] Why Margi chose burdock for this interview
  • [11:48] Why everybody can benefit from burdock
  • [15:07] How Margi likes to work with burdock
  • [18:06] Burdock in a Formal Dress recipe
  • [22:35] Margi’s current projects
  • [25:33] Reading the body
  • [29:58] Learning from William LeSassier
  • [39:17] Herbal tidbit



  • 00:00 – Introduction to Margi Flint
  • 03:02 – How Margi found her herbal path
  • 08:06 – The art (and importance of) listening
  • 10:10 – Why Margi chose burdock for this interview
  • 12:28 – Why everybody can benefit from burdock
  • 15:53 – How Margi likes to work with burdock
  • 18:55 – Burdock in a Formal Dress recipe
  • 23:42 – Margi’s current projects
  • 26:48 - Reading the body
  • 31:27 - Learning from William LeSassier
  • 40:51 - Herbal tidbit

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