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Do you want to learn how to lower blood pressure naturally?

Did you know that one out of every three people in the US has high blood pressure? This often symptomless condition can cause increased risk of heart disease and stroke. If you have high blood pressure then you deserve to address the root cause of the problem so that you can continue to live a long life with your healthy heart!

In this article you can read a brief description of western medicine’s perspectives on high blood pressure. The second half of this article will tell you how a more holistic view of high blood pressure can help you to naturally lower your blood pressure!

Western Description of Hypertension

Blood pressure is the measurement of the force of blood against your arteries. There are two numerical readings for blood pressure. The first is the systolic blood pressure, which measures the pressure when the heart beats. The second is the diastolic blood pressure, which measures the pressure between heart beats.

Hypotension or blood pressure that is too low is defined as when a person’s blood pressure readings are generally below 90/60.

Normal blood pressure is when a person’s blood pressure most often falls between 120/80 and 100/65.

Pre-hypertension is when a person’s blood pressure is most often between 120/80 and 140/90.

Hypertension exists in various stages from mild to severe when a person’s blood pressure most often measures between 140/90 and 230/140.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Generally there are no overt symptoms to warn you that you have high blood pressure. Most often this is discovered at a doctor’s visit. If you have high blood pressure for many years you can develop heart disease and kidney troubles.

Medical Treatment

Western medicine uses a variety of high blood pressure medication to reduce blood pressure. These may include:

Diuretics to decrease the amount of fluid in the body.

ACE inhibitors which relax the blood vessels.

Beta-blockers which make the heart beat at a slower rate and less force.

Natural Remedies for Hypertension

There are a number of reasons why you may develop high blood pressure readings and most often it is a combination of several factors. Therefore there is seldom any one herb (or drug) that can address this condition from the root cause.

Before we start doling out herbs or drugs it would be far better to know more about you and look for root causes of this imbalance.

High Blood Pressure Causes

Essential hypertension is high blood pressure that has no one apparent cause.

Secondary hypertension is high blood pressure as a result of a diagnosed disease or medication.

Some causes for high blood pressure symptoms include:

  • Exercise
    A sedentary lifestyle can lead to hypertension. If you are interested in lowering your blood pressure and getting started on an exercise program be sure to find guidance to create a fitness plan that works for you. It is very easy for a person to over do it, thus creating more problems! A beneficial exercise plan will include a balance of cardio, strength, flexibility and integrative core movement.
  • High Blood Pressure Diet
    In the old days red meats and cholesterol-containing foods were often pointed to as the culprits in hypertension. Now, we are beginning to understand that it is inflammatory foods that should be receiving most of the blame. Avoiding processed foods, sugar, poor quality grains, GMO foods and other adulterated foods is one step. Increasing wholesome anti-inflammatory foods, fresh foods high in antioxidants like dark-colored vegetables and berries, olives and olive oil, high quality meats, etc, is key! Excessive caffeine intake can increase blood pressure in some individuals.

  • Vascular Health
    The majority of people in western culture do little to prevent heart disease. Herbs and foods high in antioxidants can be taken for existing heart issues and for prevention! As you age it is crucial to retain healthy heart vessels that retain their elasticity. Considering the epidemic of heart-related diseases in our culture I almost always encourage preventive measures with people I work with, even if they have no history of heart disease.

  • Stress
    How are your stress levels? Chronic negative stress can lead to hypertension. This can sometimes be the hardest thing for you to change since living a stressful life becomes a means of identity. In a go-go-go society it can be difficult for you to consciously do less. Psychotherapy, yoga, tai chi, Qi gong, picking up a fun and enjoyable hobby and enjoying regular time in nature are important tools for reducing your negative reactions to stress. Botanical medicine such as adaptogens and relaxing nervines can also be helpful.

  • Insulin Resistance
    Insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome, is the precursor to diabetes. This metabolic imbalance can be a key factor in various kinds of heart diseases and would be considered a core root of the problem.

  • Tobacco
    Smoking or chewing tobacco adversely effects blood pressure.

  • Alcohol
    Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to hypertension in some individuals.

  • Nutrient deficiency
    Lack of magnesium and vitamin D3 can lead to hypertension.
  • Sleep deprivation
    How well do you sleep? Chronic sleep deprivation (a rampant problem in our society) can also lead to hypertension.

By evaluating the particular factors in your life that are leading to high blood pressure readings we can get to the root cause of the problem instead of using pills to mask your symptoms.

Natural herbal remedies for high blood pressure

lower blood pressure naturally

I also use the following categories of herbs, supplements and other lifestyle suggestions to help you naturally lower your blood pressure.

  • Diuretics
    These herbs help to reduce the amount of fluid in the body, thus lowering the amount of pressure.

  • Cardio tonics
    These herbs help to support and strengthen the cardiovascular system. These are wonderful taken as preventives as well.

  • Hypotensives
    These herbs help to lower blood pressure by various mechanisms.

  • Relaxing Nervines
    These herbs can help relax the tone of the blood vessels and relax the body/mind state.

  • Circulatory stimulants
    These may be used in small doses as part of a larger formula to increase circulation.

  • Anti-inflammatory herbs
    These herbs help to support the physical health of blood vessels.
  • Supplements
    Magnesium to bowel tolerance
    Vitamin D3
    Omega 3s
    CoEnzyme Q10
  • High Blood Pressure Diet
    A whole foods diet accentuating foods high in antioxidants will help support the integrity of the cardiovascular system. Garlic and onions have been shown to lower blood pressure naturally and can be eaten liberally. If a person has any level of insulin resistance then a low glycemic diet, specific exercise and nutrient supplementation need to be taken into consideration.

    Excess caffeine can negatively effect some people as can excessive alcohol intake and smoking or chewing tobacco.

  • Lifestyle
    Appropriate exercise (cardio and strength)
    Stress management by re-prioritizing health and joy, adaptogen herbs, meditation, yoga, tai chi and massage.
    Quality sleep every night.

Practicing Tai Chi regularly can decrease blood pressure and reduce stress

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