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Everywhere you look these days, health is being served up as the latest fancy gadget, exotic herb, or super food.

Alongside these miracle cure-alls are the claims, or even implications, that if you buy, eat, or drink this ONE thing, your life will be dramatically changed. FOREV-UH!


Newsflash: Good health doesn’t come in a pill (or tincture, or capsule, or even a single cup of tea). Instead, it’s the many choices we make in our day that add up to making those profound impacts.

After over 15 years of being immersed in the world of natural health, I strongly believe that your kitchen is the most powerful hub for your health.

And no, I don’t mean eating more kale!

It goes much deeper than simple ingredients. Instead, it’s about reclaiming what my friend and fellow herbalist, Kami McBride, calls “your culinary culture”.

Every single one of us has a birthright to a culinary culture. Some of you may be more aware of it than others. For many of us, the culinary culture we were born into has shifted dramatically throughout our family’s ancestry or even within our own lifespan.

You can see your culinary culture in your comfort foods, in your holiday traditions and even in your day-to-day meals. It includes everything from the type of foods you eat, to how they are prepared, and how they are eaten.

No matter who you are and what family you come from, your culinary culture once included a unique blend of herbs and spices. These aromatic wonders seasoned meals, promoted healthy digestion and, in some cases, served as a way to remember holy days and traditions.

Sadly, the herbs and spices that once filled our meals and drinks are often lacking in today’s modern cuisine.

Are you interested in learning how to add lots of herbs and spices to your meals?

Is transforming your food into medicine something you’d like to be infusing into your life?

I’ve heard from a lot of people about the hurdles they have with their kitchen medicine. From those conversations I’ve identified three main issues that people have to adding herbs and spices to their meals. 

1. How do you create herb- and spice-filled meals that the whole family will love? 

2. How do you make time for it when you’re tired at the end of the day and you simply want what’s easiest? 

3. How do you make it taste good? Sometimes adding lots of herbs and spices to a meal doesn’t mean it will taste good! 

Those three challenges are easily the biggest hurdles in herbal kitchen medicine. Simply put, if it doesn’t taste good, if some people in your family don’t want to eat it, and if it’s a pain to do it, then it’s definitely not going to happen. 

There is, however, a very smart solution to all of these issues. 

This solution allows you to easily add herbs and spices to your meals without spending a lot of additional energy, and it makes it easy for every member of your household to customize their food the way they like it. 



Having a variety of herbal condiments on hand is the simplest and easiest way to add herbs and spices to every single meal, snack and beverage in your home. 

The best part is that there are endless possibilities! 

For example, you can have herbal oils, vinegars, and honey on your counter so you can easily use them for cooking, salad dressing, etc. 

One of my favorite ways to use herbal condiments is with herb salt seasonings and herbal sprinkles. This is something that I really got into through my friend Kami McBride. 

Let’s look at an example. One of my favorite herbal sprinkle recipes from Kami is called Red Powder. It’s so simple to make and it’s delicious! 

Here’s the recipe: 

herbal sprinkles

This recipe is so simple and so easy. It takes moments to prepare the sprinkles and, when you leave them out on your counter or dinner table, it makes it easy to remember to use them. 

Of course, the above recipe is just one example. Herbal sprinkles and herb salt seasonings can be made up in many different ways: blends for sweet treats, blends for breakfast, blends for savory dishes, and custom blends that you know members of your family will love and use! 

If you love the idea of easily adding a variety of delicious herb- and spice-filled condiments to your meals and drinks, then you are going to love my friend Kami’s book! 

Kami originally wrote her book, The Herbal Kitchen, over ten years ago. Her publisher decided that since it was doing so well they wanted to do a total re-issue -- not a re-print but a re-issue. This means The Herbal Kitchen has been upgraded with a new chapter, new recipes and a new cover, making it an incredible re-incarnation of an already really good herb book!

Kami mcbride

I’m so excited for this release! This book contains over 250 herbal recipes and is already a treasured herbal for many. 

For those of you worried about things tasting good, Kami’s recipes are thoroughly tested and approved. When you use her simple and easy-to-follow recipes you won’t have to wonder if the end result will be yummy or not.

With over 250 recipes in the book it’s easy to find things that everyone will love! There is also lots of herbal information to explore with write-ups on 50 easy-to-find herbs. 

The Herbal Kitchen is now available for pre-ordering - this is the best time to buy it!

When you pre-order your copy of The Herbal Kitchen, you will receive some amazing pre-order bonuses. 

The Herbal Kitchen Pre-Order Bonus Package Includes:

1. The Turmeric Sessions Video Class

There is a reason turmeric is currently the most popular spice right now. It really is a spice with benefits that are off the charts good for you. But turmeric isn't good for everyone all the time. It's good to know how to best use turmeric and when you might need to put a hold on your turmeric consumption. Join Kami in her kitchen and learn how to get the most out of using turmeric as she walks you through 9 of her favorite turmeric recipes.

2. Pesto for All Seasons eBook

For every season there is an herb for your pesto. Herbal pesto making is a kitchen craft and the possible combinations are endless. It is so rewarding to top off any meal with a creative, seasonal pesto. I hope you enjoy our seasonal favorites that I’ve captured for you in this book.

3. Kitchen Medicine Workshop

What is Kitchen Medicine? Why does practicing Kitchen Medicine have such a profound effect on digestive health and how you feel each day? With 3 million annual physician visits for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the United States alone, just how valuable is understanding how to use your kitchen herbs to help prevent digestive illness? What 2 powerful healing benefits will you find in every spice in your kitchen cabinet? I’ll answer these questions and more as we get you set up to practice kitchen medicine!

4. Herbal Kitchen Recipe Cards

Are your recipes always changing? Remembering what you did is the trick to creating new, delicious recipes. Add these Herbal Kitchen Recipe Cards to your copy of The Herbal Kitchen so you can capture the next yummy thing you make when everyone is asking you, "Hey, what's in that recipe…"

5. Pre-order access to Herbal Kitchen chapter on Herbal Honey

Get instant access to The Herbal Kitchen chapter on Herbal Honey so you can started while you are waiting for your copy of The Herbal Kitchen to arrive!

Are you ready to transform your culinary culture? 

Click here to pre-order The Herbal Kitchen and get all your bonuses. 

I loved the first edition of The Herbal Kitchen. In my own copy, Chapter 1 has been heavily highlighted and throughout the book my favorite recipes are dog eared. I am so excited for the new edition and I know you will love it too. 

Pre-order sales basically make or break whether a book makes it into the book stores or not. So by pre-ordering your copy, you are really helping the success of this book. Thank you for helping out our community of grassroots herbal teachers.

kami mcbride

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